3D printed bottles embody the spirit of Formula 1

Christel Trinquier
3D printed bottles embody the spirit of Formula 1

Formula 1 is making its debut in the fragrance industry. As a preview of the 2020 launch, Formula 1 presented the perfume collection, sheathed in spectacular exoskeletons by designer Ross Lovegrove, this weekend at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Five fragrances from the F1 Haute Perfumery collection (Designer Parfums) were unveiled: three creations specially designed by Ross Lovegrove for the brand. Entirely 3D printed for their external structure, the fragrances, Fluid Symmetry, Agile Embrace and Compact Suspension, of which only 60 copies were made (and sold for $10,000 a piece), hint at look of the fragrances for the upcoming retail collection, which Lovegrove will also design, and which will also be printed in 3D.

An architectural variation of the figure of a pilot in his cockpit, the works feature bottles made by Heinz Glass that fit into titanium and stainless steel 3D printed exoskeletons made in Germany. Each bottle was uniquely crafted to create a dialogue with the finishes decorating each of the shells: chromed metallic mirror effect for Compact Suspension (hand polished stainless steel), matte metal lacquering for Fluid Symmetry (sanded titanium) and gold on black printing for Agile Embrace, with its 22-carat gold plated exoskeleton.

Encircled or simply suspended in their structure thanks to a clip around the neck, the pump bottles are removable (from the base) meaning that the shells can be recharged.

In terms of the fragrances themselves, Designer Parfum called on European composition houses Symrise, Firmenich and Givaudan whose perfumers Emilie Coppermann, Alexandra Carlin, Aliénor Massenet, Louise Turner, Fabrice Pellegrin and Pierre Gueros created the juices. 

In 2020 two additional limited editions will be launched with new finishes, along with the launch next April of a premium edition (£195) printed in 3D with technopolymer resin using Carbon technology. Designer Parfums director Dilesh Mehta aims to continue the 3D adventure in the years to come by offering consumers the opportunity to create their own personalized models.