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Comment unveils 2020 IT Products winners

A pack-free stick foundation, lipstick samples adapted to post-covid retail and a new process that speeds up mascara brush development are among the winning IT Products unveiled by, MakeUp in Paris’ digital platform.

Some 24 products were selected by a jury of makeup and skincare experts from among the 84 novelties presented by suppliers and manufacturers on Luxe Packaging Insight spotlights a handful of the winners. 

French company SIMP was recognized for its process that fast-tracks mascara brush development. Called Le Rendez-Vous, SIMP’s patent-pending system enables brands to create their mascara brush using a model composed of a large number of sections and bristles, and then obtain a custom applicator molded in the final plastic material in just 30 minutes.

Cosmetics applicator specialist World Sponge Manufacturing was recognized for its patent-pending Air Powder Container, a powder dispensing system comprised of a jar fitted with a pump mechanism. Consumers simply unscrew the cap, place a puff on the sifter and then press to dispense the powder. When the sifter is pressed, the compressed air generated by a dome-type tube inside the container pushes the powder particles to diffuse them through the holes of the sifter.

Contract manufacturer B.Kolormakeup & Skincare was recognized for Eco Idole, a pack-free stick foundation boasting a clean formula that can be used wet or dry. While the pack is simply a paper wrap around the stick that can be peeled off, the jury highlighted the challenge of creating a formula stiff enough to be used without risk of breakage.

Livcer’s newly launched Livstick also scooped an award. The sustainable lipstick sampling solution (made of FSC-certified wood, PET and aluminum-free) resembles a matchstick and does not require a brush to be applied. Livstick is suited not just to lipstick, but to any hot-poured formula, including products for brows, eyes or concealers.

Cosmogen’s GF’Less brush set consists of makeup brushes without an aluminum ferrule or glue, made possible thanks to a novel assembly technique. The brushes, which have a vegan claim, feature an FSC-certified wood handle and soft synthetic bristles. Cosmogen also won an award for Tense Tube POP, part of its Safe Contact range. The pack is refillable–consumers can keep the massaging tip applicator and buy a new tube, while tube and cap are recyclable.

Geka scooped an award for its Reborn CharmingLASHES mascara featuring a fiber-based brush made of a biomaterial derived from castor oil. The tube is made from PCR-PET and the cap from PCR-PP.

Technological textiles specialist NastriTex won an IT Product award for Futura, what it says is the first powder pressing ribbon made entirely of recycled materials. Futura is composed of a 100% recycled polymer derived from the mechanical recycling process of post-consumer PET plastic.

The full list of winners is available on the Beauteamatch platform.

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