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Bormioli Luigi’s anti-UV glass goes beyond classic coating

Alissa Demorest

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Bormioli Luigi’s anti-UV glass goes beyond classic coating

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In a bid to offer glass bottles and jars that provide protection from UV rays while maintaining the glass’ premium aspect, Italian glassmaker Bormioli Luigi is currently developing a technique that integrates UV protection at the glass formulation stage through the addition of inorganic compounds.

While the glassmaker already offers traditional clear anti-UV coating, it explains that this new technique is significantly more efficient. “This new process creates a barrier effect in the glass itself without the need for additional layers of coating—an aesthetic advantage especially when it comes to colored glass,” explains the company. The glassmaker will calibrate the amount of compounds needed depending on the desired thickness of the glass.

The new technique is compatible with PCR glass, an area where Bormioli Luigi is making significant investments.

“We are seeing a growing number of natural and/or organic product formulas, in skincare, fragrance and even makeup that call for increased protection from UV rays as their composition can be altered when exposed to light. By adding compounds into the glass itself, we are able to obtain a higher degree of protection compared to applying a classic exterior coating,” explains Frédéric Montali, strategic marketing manager at Bormioli Luigi’s fragrance & cosmetics division.

The new UV protection solution is slightly more costly than traditional coating given that materials are integrated into the feeder, which calls for a minimum of one day’s production and therefore a higher MOQ, according the supplier.