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Claepsidra brings a fresh approach to luxury candles

Alissa Demorest

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Claepsidra brings a fresh approach to luxury candles

Young French brand Claepsidra has launched its first collection of seven scented candles, a project whose creative aspect (visual identity, packaging...) was conceived and orchestrated by Paris-based Studio Marianne Guély. Formulated "as naturally as possible", according to co-founder Patrice Bouëxel, the candles feature a 50% vegetal and 50% mineral wax and an untreated cotton wick. They are nestled in translucent bisque porcelain jars hand engraved at Haviland in Limoges, making each piece unique. The label on the facing (Etac) is made of mineral paper—a material combining calcium carbonate and recycled polyethylene that remains smooth to the touch. The secondary case, a sheet of hot-stamped, recycled, mass-dyed cardboard (Boxby111), is simply folded into shape with only a few touches of solvent-free glue. The label on the case is removable to give a second life to the box. And one last eco-design detail, the brand plans to launch scented candle refills next year. Delphine Thierry, an independent French perfumer, formulated five of the seven scents. Along with the candles, Claepsidra developed a blown glass bell cover decorated with touches of 24-carat gold leaf. In addition to its ecological commitment, the social aspect of its business is a priority at Claepsidra: the candles are conditioned in a workshop by people with disabilities at ESAT des Ateliers du Belfroi in northern France.