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Cosfibel Premium's collection mirrors regional trends

Marion Baschet-Vernet

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Cosfibel Premium's collection mirrors regional trends

For its collection of boxes launching at the Luxe Pack Monaco show, Cosfibel Premium drew inspiration from lifestyle trends in the regions worldwide where the group is present: Melbourne, Mexico City, Tokyo and Los Angeles. Of note, a 100% mono-material box, in line with the current focus on sustainable design.

The Melbourne wine box set reflects the CSR trend as did Cosfibel’s Paris box set, presented at Édition Spéciale by Luxe Pack in June. Made exclusively of dense and solid pressed paper pulp, it rests on a grooved flat shape that sheathes the inner molded paper inserts. "By using the inserts as the ‘walls’ of the box, we further reduced the amount of material used," notes Vincent Desfosses, Cosfibel Premium senior creative manager. “This also allows for more freedom in shapes, be they diagonal or triangular. In addition, using cardboard means that we can apply natural glue and make notched closures, forgoing the need for magnets or metal parts.” The pull tab, most often made of polyester, in this case is in washable paper: a wood cellulose material often used for denim labels. The advantage being that it is waterproof and machine washable. We sewed the label onto the box like a ribbon with an embroidery made of recycled cotton.” Thanks to its simple design, this model requires few manual tasks.

"The Mexico City tequila box set has a more feminine and sensual South American feel, with soft touch materials and jungle-style decorations," notes Desfosses. The bell-shaped box features a metal handle that passes through the lid through its top opening and is covered with a finely flocked paper, which gives it a velvety feel, while the jungle motif reinforces its delicacy. The Mexico logo is in TPU, a Cosfibel Premium innovation widely used in the luggage segment, which imparts a rubbery, relief look. The inside reveals the same silky velvet paper and EVA insert.

Inspired by the frenzy of the Asian metropolis, the Tokyo whisky box set imparts an urban sportswear style with a two-tone TPU logo and a transparent red PMMA base. The cover features multiple hot stamping designs, alternating effects, patterns and colors.

Last but not least, Los Angeles, a cardboard Champagne box simply covered with concrete-effect paper. A light hot stamping allows the grain of the paper to show through, while the cover features by a slab of cast concrete with the letters engraved in the mold. This makes for both a raw and smooth effect, which is “very architectural”. "We worked on the name of each box set as if it were a brand and make it easier for them to project themselves," concludes Desfosses. The supplier is also offering new printing and marking options for each box: phosphorescent varnish, paper with concrete effect texture, gold effects with fine printing or 3D effects... The possibilities are endless, according to Cosfibel Premium.

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