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Design concept: Homey creates premium honey pack

Christel Trinquier

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Design concept: Homey creates premium honey pack

Independent designer Katya Mushkina is no novice: she had already made a name for herself at the Pentawards in 2016, 2017 and 2018 before taking home the bronze medal last year with her Homey concept: premium honey packaging in the form of break-off honeycombs inspired by a hive’s hexagonal cells.

“Each cell contains 15g of honey and each plate is comprised of 12 cells,” explains the designer. “From a practical point of view, enclosing honey in sealed monodose formats means we are only using the quantity we need and prevents the central pack from getting sticky or breaking apart. I’m currently working on adapting this concept to other bee-related products, or items where honey is the star ingredient as well as eco-friendly, recyclable and reusable variations”.

Aesthetically, the portion-sized honey packaging resembles a jewelry collection: each cell is enhanced by light, like a gemstone, while the juxtaposed cells bring out the color of each type of honey.

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