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Iggesund's Johan Nellbeck : "Creating purposeful packaging"

Christel Trinquier

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Iggesund's Johan Nellbeck :

In the run-up to the 2021 edition of LUXE PACK Monaco, Luxe Packaging Insight spoke with the heads of leading packaging suppliers on how they see the market and how the luxury packaging show will help them address a changing landscape. First in our series is Johan Nellbeck, CEO at premium paperboard company Holmen Iggesund.

How have you adjusted to the crisis over the past 18 months?

All of our customers have been affected, both negatively and positively and we’ve all learned a lot from this challenging time. One major change has of course been the acceleration in e-commerce and digital communication. For us, this means that we need to explore and learn together with our customers on how it affects the packaging solutions we create together. The world is constantly changing, and Holmen Iggesund intends to be a part of the change needed to create smarter packaging.

This pandemic has obviously affected a lot of things, but not our direction or our mindset. We want to co-learn and create purposeful solutions with our customers. The health crisis has probably increased the need for packaging that is sustainable and creates real value.

What impact has the health crisis had on your innovations?

The pandemic has pinpointed challenges, but also paved way for new innovations. As I mentioned, e-commerce has become increasingly important and underlines the need for securing the brand experience with smart packaging. Another important challenge ahead is climate change: consumers, governments, and companies are finally taking action to promote and create more sustainable and circular solutions. I believe brands in all industries are looking for new packaging solutions that enable them to reach their sustainability targets, while maintaining their premium position.

Our co-learning mindset has become a resource along with our knowledge and experience in packaging materials. Premium paperboard has an important role to play and with our customers we can create packaging that is purposeful in every aspect – from promoting sales to being sustainable. Innovation from one company is not enough, however: material producers, researchers, designers, packaging machine manufacturers and many other experts need to work together to enable paperboard to replace unnecessary plastic packaging. And through collaboration we can create great new packaging solutions that are good for the consumer and for the planet.

How are you integrating LUXE PACK Monaco into your recovery strategy?

One of our main attractions and topics will be to showcase a project where we, along with our partners Loop Factory and Grow, have looked at what "the new premium" means for the beauty industry and sustainable packaging. It’s a wood-based packaging system that shows how new technologies can be used to create a circular future.

This is only one example of how we work together with partners to create new solutions. We are coming to LUXE PACK with an open invitation to explore what’s next and what we can create together when we combine minds and experience from all parts of the value chain. The premium segment is a great arena for new ideas, and we hope to learn more from brands and connect with a lot of interesting people at the show.

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