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Live from LUXE PACK LA & MakeUp in LA: Packaging innovations roundup - Part 2

Katie Nichol

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Live from LUXE PACK LA & MakeUp in LA: Packaging innovations roundup - Part 2

The first day of LUXE PACK Los Angeles and MakeUp in Los Angeles ended on a high note, having seen a busy show floor and packed conference sessions. We continue our innovation roundup from day one, highlighting novelties ranging from all-aluminum lids and mascara packs to ocean waste plastic packaging.

Glassmaker Estal showed its Bubbles collection targeting the beauty market, which is set to officially launch before the summer. The bottle’s deep punt enables a 40% reduction in weight and is available in PCR glass. Suitable for fragrance or skincare, the bottles come in 50ml, 100ml and 200ml formats.

The all-aluminum mascara packaging (minus the wiper) to join Axilone’s stock offering was on display. Customers can opt for an aluminum brush, or even a brush in the form of a steel spring. The supplier was also promoting its Key in Lock lipstick system, which Estée Lauder was the first brand to market. Thanks to the aluminum-covered mechanism, the lipstick refill can only function once snapped into the brand-specific base.

Berlin Packaging Premi Industries presented Airglass Jar, a refillable airless pack. It consists of a glass jar, a PP refillable inner jar and PP cap and pump, whose piston is in PE. Suitable for foundation, make-up remover or facial skincare, the pack can be decorated in myriad ways. The glass jar can be lacquered, screenprinted or hot-stamped, while options for the refill jar include a shiny or semi-transparent finish. Also on show was Foamy 150 ml, said to be the first foamer packaged in glass on the market. Foamy comes in a 150ml format, and its components (in glass, PP and PETG) can be separated to facilitate recycling.

Korea-based packaging manufacturer Yonwoo/PKG highlighted its Bellows pump. The all-PE pack is metal-free and suitable for haircare, skincare and color cosmetics. The supplier’s PP Tension Body refill pack for bodycare and facial skincare is positioned as travel-friendly thanks to its refill locking mechanism. Squeezing the top of the pack dispenses the formula. Like the Bellows pump, it can be made using PCR.

Quadpack highlighted its 50ml refillable Regula Jar, made of 100% PET with the inner refill in PP. RPET and recycled PP can also be used.

Wista DTS’s Aquamarine monomaterial airless packaging was shortlisted for a MakeUp in LosAngeles IT Award. Each component, including the spring, is in PE, meaning the pack can be recycled without being separated. The pack was developed with microencapsulated formulas in mind and is also suitable for high SPF products.

NF Beauty Group showed its All Out Bottle, a glass bottle with PP refill and cap. The Celeste airless pump bottle is monomaterial and boasts a rubber-like spring in TPE.

The company also presented a range of engineered packaging concepts demonstrating its capabilities. They include a refillable jar with an area on the bottom to house a spatula, and a 30ml powder jar with a pump mechanism and a sifter integrated into the lid. The advantage of this large, round format is that it can be used with a powder puff.

US-based Anomatic revealed that it has co-developed a new alloy – Eco Alloy – with a minimum of 60% PCR content and 90% total recycled content. The alloy is currently in production and is exclusive to the supplier. The company also presented a new stock range of all-aluminum lids and jar systems. The two-piece lids have a paper-based liner and are 100% recyclable. Anomatic partnered with glassmaker Verescence for this project – the latter is supplying its Cleopatre jars to offer a “100% recyclable system”

American supplier SR Packaging showed its ocean waste plastic airless packaging. The pack, which features bag-in-bottle technology, is made of recycled HDPE (up to 75% of the bottle’s content) from fishing nets collected from the maritime industry. The bottle is available with a spray or lotion pump, and can be hot-stamped, screenprinted or adorned with a label.

Balance Inc highlighted several innovations at the show. Its Sustainable Palettes for make-up are made of FSC-certified paper with 40% PCR content. The paper tray can be removed and the pans extracted. The outer palette – recyclable in standard paper streams – is designed to be reused. Balance Inc also showed its molded fiber compact that won a Luxe Pack in Green Award at LUXE PACK New York last fall. The compact has removeable magnets and a mirror that can be taken out and kept. 

Roberts Beauty showed its collection of packaging made from ocean plastic. The range includes palettes, lipstick, bottles and jars. Products can either be produced with the natural, greenish-hue inherent to the plastic, or can be molded in different colors.

APC Packaging highlighted its patented monomaterial dropper pack, which won a MakeUp in IT Products Award at MakeUp in New York last fall. The pack is designed for clarity – the pipette and bottle are made with PP enhanced with NX Ultraclear, a material designed to offer glass-like transparency. The dropper and bottle can be recycled as one unit.

French supplier Cosmogen’s paper brush set that uses FSC paper for the handle was on show. The brush can be printed with customized designs, while the bristles are of non-animal origin.

Chromavis Fareva presented its Materia make-up concept in which the pan comprises the primary packaging. Powder is directly pressed into clay, and the product housed in a patent-pending FSC paper box with a slider to open and close.

The company’s Evoke lipstick with optical embossing effect won a MakeUp in IT Award at the show, while Tie & Dye is a slurry technology for creating visual effects on powders.

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