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Live from LUXE PACK LA & MakeUp in LA: Packaging innovations roundup

Katie Nichol

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Live from LUXE PACK LA & MakeUp in LA: Packaging innovations roundup

From airless and monomaterial packs to refills and molded pulp, Luxe Packaging Insight reports from day one of LUXE PACK Los Angeles and MakeUP in LosAngeles on selected packaging innovations seen at the hotly anticipated shows. 

FusionPKG (Aptar Beauty + Home) showed its new Repeat refillable airless packaging. The patent-pending pack has a recycle-ready PET reusable shell and a PP refill cartridge. In what the supplier says is an industry-first, the POM-free pump engine is integrated into the refill cartridge, rather than the reusable outer part, which means a fresh pump engine with each refill. The patent-pending system has a locking mechanism that clicks into place. PCR material options are available. The inner and outer packs are oriented to one another, ensuring perfectly aligned décor – options include metallization and hotstamping.

The supplier also highlighted hollow-bottom PP monomaterial jars that allow for a reduction in plastic use. FusionPKG’s push-button dropper, meanwhile, made of 99% PP, has been designed with a cap tall enough (2 inches) to be detected in recycling streams. Making existing products available in more easily recyclable materials is a focus, says the company, whose double-walled airless packaging in its Airless Plus collection is now in PP.


Korean packaging company Samhwa teased of one of its innovations on show. Called TL Wide, it works like a dip tube bottle, but without the dip tube. A bottomless inner is designed to fit into an outer bottle, both of which are in PETG. The open base of the inner means the formulation seeps into the outer pack, while the gap between the two components at the top “acts like a straw” for the formula to be dispensed. A similar tubeless packaging development is TL Focus, a single bottle with a similar straw-like function. 

Samhwa also presented a refillable glass airless pack. It consists of a glass outer and PP inner, a cap in PP and does not contain a metal spring.

Also on show was a paper tube, coated on the inside, with a PP shoulder and nozzle, PETG cap and metal-free spring. Samhwa is working with filling company Kolmar on the formula part.


Italian glassmaker Bormioli Luigi presented larger size additions (250ml) to its Ecoline lightweighted line, as well as mini (15ml) jars and pots in its skincare packaging offer. The company has also revised its new Le Rechargeable glass jar and glass refillable cup, working with a partner company on a double-walled PP cap. The choice of a plastic cap rather than glass makes more sense for sealing purposes, explains the glassmaker, adding that a cap had not been developed for Le Rechargeable until now.


French plastic packaging company Somater showed two new products in its sustainable Eco-Tribe collection, both of which were nominated for a MakeUp in Los Angeles Innovation Award. With its Hybrid Pack, Somater is bringing technology widely used in the food industry to the cosmetics arena.Thanks to partner Muller Technology’s In Mold Labeling technology, a cardboard label is wrapped around a plastic “skeleton” to form a jar. While a standard 400ml jar uses 30g of plastic, Hybrid Pack uses just 6g, says the company. The jar can be recycled in the paper recycling stream.

Somater’s refillable CTA Eco Mascara has a patented Click, Twist and Apply system that offers a new application gesture for mascara. “With this ‘click’, we are bringing a gesture more associated with lipsticks to mascara packaging,” the supplier explains. Rather than unscrewing the mascara wand, consumers click and twist the pack instead. The monomaterial pack is made of PP, with PCR options available. Decoration options include screenprinting and hotstamping.


Korean company Packtory highlighted its Metal-Free monomaterial airless packaging, whose components are made of PP. It also showed its Biomass molded jars and caps that blend 50% paper and 50% PP. While the packs use 50% less plastic than fully plastic alternatives, only virgin plastic is suitable, and not PCR.


Italian packaging company Lumson showed its latest make-up innovations, including Sign, a new lipstick pack. The cap’s metal plate can be customized with logos, icons and designs via debossing; custom colors and finishes (shiny or brushed satin effect) are also possible. The lipstick base, mechanism and cap are in PP.

Also on show were Lumson’s Kube thick-walled glass bottles. Both 30ml, H Kube and IT-Kube feature minimalist, geometric silhouettes.


Knoll Packaging presented evolutions in its Ecoform pulp material, famously used by Chanel for its N°5 clamshell pack and advent calendar. Knoll has developed an Ecoform pack for wines and spirits that can hold a bottle and two glasses. The handle helps close the hinged pack thanks to the friction created when the two sides are pressed together; this is also the idea behind the two “snaps” on the body of the pack. Knoll is currently working with several brands to bring the concept to market this year. The supplier has also used Ecoform to create a box for clean beauty brand Naturopathica, and a color-matched, star-shaped pack to house an ornament for Jo Malone.


Labels and flexible packaging specialist Adcraft Labels presented its 3-D Motion Labels. A printing technology imbues labels with 3D or printed effects: previously, this was achieved using lenticular film. The technology can be used on part or all of the label, and on any label stock.

Adcraft Labels also showed its Wash Away Labels, which are designed to separate away from PET bottles during the recycling process thanks to a special label adhesive. Suitable for personal care packaging as well as food and beverage, they are available in clear, white and metallized versions.


Albéa was spotlighting its open-and-close tube closure solution, EcoFusion Top. The two-in-one HDPE monomaterial closure fuses the tube head and cap. It is said to cut down on weight by 80% compared to standard head and cap solutions. EcoFusion Top can be combined with various sleeve options, including Albéa’s GreenLeaf for laminate tubes and Thin-Wall technology for extruded tubes. 

Albéa also showed Timeless, a range of PCR laminate tubes said to be particularly suitable for shampoo, shower products and sun care. The tubes incorporate around 30% recycled material in total – the sleeve is 60% recycled plastic (PE).


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