Luxe Pack Monaco 2019 innovations: Closures & stoppers

Alissa Demorest

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Luxe Pack Monaco 2019 innovations: Closures & stoppers

This week, we focus on a selection of innovations in the closures sector presented at the Monaco trade show.

Dow : Surlyn in recycled mode

With Surlyn, its flagship material for the perfumes and cosmetics markets, Dow is committing to the circular economy. The result of a partnership with Italian cosmetic packaging manufacturer Premi, Dow can now supply brands with caps containing 40% recycled Surlyn (grades PC2000 and PC2200) sourced from industrial waste. According to Dow, this new product features the same quality as virgin Surlyn, adding that “a 40% recycled rate is already very ambitious.” The range will be marketed by Premi.

Guala Closures Connectivity in the limelight

Nestgate is a collection of seven connected stoppers for markets including wines, spirits and olive oils. Wood and cork tops, anti-filling stoppers, with aluminum and resin coating for the luxury sector, the stoppers are equipped with NFC chips. Users simply tap the stopper with their Smartphone to access traceability or marketing-related content. To boost its offering of connected stoppers, Guala Closures is also working on other technologies: integrating flash codes, voice recognition systems and augmented reality.

Les Bouchages Delage : Stoppers with a modern touch

This luxury stopper specialist presented two new caps for spirits bottles. Tandem brings a touch of modernity to the traditional wooden cap with its matte colored elastomer band encircling the head. The cap is currently available in natural beech in two diameters (34mm and 47mm), while the band can be colored in an “infinite number of shades” to pick up other elements of the packaging, such as the label or the outer case. The stopper head can be decorated by laser marking or pad printing. Solo meanwhile, is a one-piece weighted stopper for carafes, a first for the supplier: “devoid of soldering, gluing, zamak inserts, and visible parting lines.” The cap is injected with a densified material, followed by a second injection of an ABS skin that hugs the contours of the stopper.

EOS Innovation : Stoppers for champagne

With its imposing size, this new type of champagne stopper is intended to give volume to caps that are often too small for large formats such as Jeroboams, and thus harmonize the bottles’ silhouette. Its broad form is also designed to facilitate gripping the bottle when opening. Made of zamak, the stopper is fixed onto the cork after sealing. The traditional cage of twisted wires is then placed over it. The over-cap is customizable and can be printed in relief or decorated with enamel or rhinestones.