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LUXE PACK Monaco 2021: paper, cardboard & folding box innovations

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LUXE PACK Monaco 2021: paper, cardboard & folding box innovations

It's a wrap! We bring you a brief lowdown on paper, cardboard and gift box innovations seen at LUXE PACK Monaco this week.


Austrian papermaker Mondi showcased its Pergraphica premium paper for luxury packaging, which has been carbon neutral as standard since April this year. The company also introduced its grass paper, made of 20-30% grass fibers, the particles of which imbue the paper with a glossy effect. Designed for flexoprinting, it can be used for box coverings, liners and mailer bags. The company is working on a new grade more suitable for offset printing.

Promotional gifts and packaging specialist Anaik launched colored corrugated cardboard coffrets for wines and spirits. The packs can be printed, hot-stamped or embossed.

CenturyBox showed two versions of its new Loop Box, designed in response to demand for luxury gift boxes that are magnet-free. The monomaterial box features fold-down flaps that ensure the rigidity of the structure without the need for magnets, plastic stickers or Velcro. Depending on the version, the closure is either a small flap on the edge of the box that locks into place, or a half-height closure system that locks together in the middle. Delivered flat, Loop Box is made from 100% recycled greyboard and FSC certified paper.

Westrock launched a reversible carton designed with spirits e-commerce and gift-giving in mind: one side is a plain, anonymous shipper, and the other is printed with branding. A product can be delivered in the plain shipper, then the carton unfolded and refolded, so the branding is on the outside. Westrock is working on developing a twist-up version of its EcoPush paperboard packaging for solid formulas such as deodorants. A model for lipsticks is also in the works. Westrock’s cartonboard 'blister' packs are a plastic-free alternative to blister packs, while its paperboard tray with clip in boxes can be used to replace a plastic variant.

Knoll Packaging was highlighting its KnollLuxe premium board platform, a 100% cardboard, multi-level platform. The coffret-maker also showed its monomaterial EcoForm solution. Initially positioned as an alternative to thermoformed plastic platforms, EcoForm was recently developed for Chanel's limited-edition Chanel N°5 blister pack. Knoll also highlighted a trend for 12-day advent calendars instead of the traditional 24.


As part of its Esprit Nature collection, Zuber Rieder presented a range of recycled and FSC certified papers that are colored exclusively with natural pigments of French origin. Three shades are obtained with either ochre, sienna or a mixture of clay and iron oxide.

Valtenna put the focus on its corrugated cardboard packs that have the same structure as solid rigid boxes, but are 40% lighter, cutting down on transport costs.

Integrating eco-design in all of its new packaging solutions, Cosfibel is offering all-cardboard boxes where magnets are replaced by a patented closing system, playing on the thickness and the cut of the material and producing an audible click when closing. Among its other creations, a vanity bag made of washable paper with a woven paper ribbon.


James Cropper was pushing its new Rydal collection available with 40% or 100% PCR. Suitable for box wraps, folding cartons and shopping bags, the premium paper can be embossed, debossed, varnished or hot-stamped. The papermaker also showcased what can be done with its Colorform molded fiber collection.

Gmund is promoting a new range of papers made from the fast-growing hemp plant that provides highly resistant fibers. It is available in three references, with up to 100% hemp content for one, and the other two contain 50% hemp (with a complement of PCR recycled paper) or 10%, which is added to a classic virgin paper pulp.

Autajon spotlighted its response to demand for more sustainable packaging; using metallized inks instead of films, for example, or lacquers that better protect secondary packs so as to negate the use of cellophane. For its labels, the company is promoting materials that are easier to recycle.

Texen Beauty Partners showed a cardboard collection of skincare and make-up packs including palettes and compacts. They have a space for accessories, and the mirrors can be removed. A stick format for solid formulas and a refillable lipstick are also part of the collection. The Eco-material box of nine different materials (recycled, bio sourced, recyclable…) showcases caps for make-up, skincare and fragrance with finishes including matte, glossy and transparent. A QR code provides customers with more details on the materials, which are designed to evolve with new research. In the plastics arena, Texen showed a cap developed for Chanel skincare made using chemically recycled PET.

Papermaker Favini has added to its Crush range with the Cocoa reference, which contains 15% cocoa residue. The cocoa bean skins are collected from Italian and French roasters. This product is intended for chocolate, coffee and even spirits brands.

Rissmann launched a connected e-commerce box collection at the show. The range combines a shipper box with plain exterior and a decorated gift box. The boxes are secured with ribbons or elastics on a removable cardboard bottom. The integration of an NFC chip allows for personalized messaging.

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