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LUXE PACK Monaco 2021: Decoration, finishing & glass innovations

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LUXE PACK Monaco 2021: Decoration, finishing & glass innovations

It's a wrap! We bring you a brief lowdown on innovations in the decoration, finishing & glass sectors scouted at LUXE PACK Monaco this week.

Finishing & decoration

With its new Lumixir range, Merck is launching two metallic effect pigments. Endurance is conceived to replace traditional hot foil stamping on ceramics, while Solitaire, available in gold or platinum versions, can replace the most expensive metals for screen printing or brush applications, be they manual or automatic.

Dreyer Kliche presented its engraved brass dies. Through a partnership with Foilco, the company created a series of designs around the Snow Queen theme, such as detailed engraving with half tones. The dies can be used on coated and uncoated paper as well as plastic material. The company also highlighted wine labels produced with technology originally developed for security stamping. With Espialle, image-changing foil can be added to create moveable branding. Other possibilities include microstructure and the use of side-by-side dies that enable foiling and embossing in a single step.


Envases Group’s patented inline integrated hot stamping technology was on show, as was its growing offer of fragrance refill solutions and 100% PCR aluminum containers. The new decoration technology allows the aluminum packaging supplier to offer 360° designs and to alternate glossy and matte effects. The supplier also showed its co-branded projects with Aptar, Coster and Silgan.

Swiss company Biwi is expanding the applications of its premium vulcanised rubber to provide novel texture effects such as velvet, denim, wood and animal skins. The vegan-certified, resistant material is textured in the mold and designed to be worked like leather, and can be glued and stitched. Decoration options include rubber paint and laser engraving.

Altus Coating’s Alsafe is an anti-microbe and anti-virus varnish. The coating can be applied on several materials, including plastic, wood, metal, glass and wood. Added to traditional coatings, it safeguards the visual and tactile aspects of the treated component.

Brazilian glassmaker Wheaton’s Perfumed Screen is a screenprinting decoration technique that enables consumers to “scratch and sniff” the flacon thanks to microencapsulated fragrances in the ink. Its Photochromatic Spray, meanwhile, is a coating that reacts with UV light that lets consumers doodle on the bottle with a UV light pen.

Roctool was showing the potential of its decoration technology in a bid to demonstrate that the finesse of its finishes could replace certain subsequent decorating operations. For this, it carried out laser engraving of the molds in association with Georg Fischer, an expert in laser processes. A velvet-effect was on show.


Cristallerie Saint Louis showed Les Personnalisables, hand-blown decanters that can be personalized with a variety of cuts, hand-engraving, decorated with 24-carat-gold or platinum. The stoppers and collars can also be customized. Two versions of the decanter are available, and both were designed by Force Majeure’s Laurent Hainaut.



Saverglass’ Free Spirit Collection comprises three new standard models inspired by no-low spirits: Iconic Spring, Summer Chic and Tsar. The supplier’s Zebra wine bottles, meanwhile, come in six different shades, with vertical lines engraved in the mold. Alto is a collection of four bottles, each with a different punt design engraved in the mold. They include Extreme Oriental, a design with complex motifs and arabesques, and Mystical Pyramid, a three-sided geometric reinvention of the traditional punt.

Bormioli Luigi showed its new cosmetics glass packs. Le Rechargeable is a patent-pending glass jar and refillable cup held in place with a clip-in plastic ring. Skin Lock is a glass jar and cap that boasts an airtight closure thanks to the mechanical pressure of a glue-free plastic seal. The glassmaker showed its refillable lipstick with glass cap and base, as well as glass lipgloss and mascara tubes with plastic caps developed in partnership with Pibiplast.

Stoelzle presented new decoration techniques, including screenprinting with ink made from recycled tires, and raised lettering that is in fact the result of a thin, transparent label that does not impact recycling. Advancements in screenprinting means the glassmaker can now offer fine, detailed and extremely precise screenprinting that incorporates a wide range of colors. This may be particularly interesting for spirits brands, the supplier notes.

Groupe Pochet launched its latest generation extra-white flint glass Seva 3, containing 15% PCR content, which has been adopted by Chanel for the brand’s N°5 fragrance. Also launched at the show was Coiffe Eternelle, a premium fragrance cap, whose components (weight, insert, overcap, magnets) can be separated to facilitate recycling. Odyssée, winner of the LUXE PACK in Green People’s Choice award, is a two-part rechargeable glass jar whose inner component can double for on-the-go use.

Vetroelite launched new bottles for spirits. Sinatra is a square-shaped bottle with a rounded profile and deep punt that is topped with a GPI screw closure. Evan is a compact, round bottle with detailing at the shoulders and base, while Time has a similar compact design, with details on the body. Rectangular bottle Maverick’s large facing provides ample branding opportunities. Vetroelite also presented new wooden closure solutions.

After its purchase of a glassworks in 2019, Dekorglass presented its first offer of stock bottles: a nine-sku collection for spirits and seven-sku line for cosmetics (skincare and fragrance). The Polish manufacturer also revealed its first range of standard glass roll-ons.

Zignago Vetro put the focus on its sustainable solutions, including the Deep Green Collection of jars and bottles made with up to 90% recycled glass that cut down C02 emissions by up to 36%. Its augmented PCR flint glass offer contains 90% cullet, of which 60% is PCR and 30% is internal scrap.

Estal presented its PRIMA collection for wines featuring up to 100% PCR glass, and the RUDE spirits collection that uses its Wild Glass. The glassmaker used its expertise in spirits when it came to creating the BUBBLES fragrance bottle collection, featuring wider necks and deep punts.

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