Make a Mark's wine & spirits concepts take center stage

Alissa Demorest

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Make a Mark's wine & spirits concepts take center stage

In part two of our series on Make a Mark, we explore nine wine and spirits packaging projects created by leading international design agencies. With their unbridled creativity and the support of Kurz, Estal and Avery Dennison — foil specialist, glassmaker and label manufacturer — the designers give their own vision of what sustainable, luxurious and innovative packaging can lead to. Click here to see the first nine projects.

Magma – Smith Lumen

For Magma, an aquavit inspired by Sicily’s volcanic terrain, Smith Lumen opted for a label that is “literally consumed by a red-hot burn”, a design trope meant to mimic the flow of lava.

To achieve this “burnt” effect on the label (Avery Dennison), Smith Lumen worked with Fasson Cotton Black, a thick textured paper that is double embossed and decorated with reflective orange foil (Kurz’s Luxor and Colorit). The bottle, Estal’s DA Clarior, is topped with a black wooden cap (Labrenta) donning a Sughera cork, Labrenta’s glue-free model.

Kansas – Motherland

Described by its creator, Swedish agency Motherland, Kansas is a “clean slate brand”. “The goal is to take sustainability as far as possible, while also creating luxury packaging,” says Motherland. The white wine comes in a 75cl format of Estal’s Wild Glass made entirely of PCR glass, while the stopper (Labrenta) is composed of scraps sourced from start-up Mixcycling, specialized in organic material blends.

Eurostampa printed the label on Fasson Cotton Extra White (Avery Dennison) in 100% cotton, chosen for its uncoated “velvet finish”. The label blends embossing with a Kurz foil that offers a “lightly satin metallic” look.

1836 – Rita Rivotti

A hand-blown glass bottle was the starting point for 1836, Portuguese agency Rita Rivotti’s port project. Keeping in mind the way port bottles were traditionally made, the agency created a plaster mold to shape the bespoke bottle and even iron tools to shape the neck of the bottle.

For the label, Fasson Cotton White (Avery Dennison) was selected for its texture that replicates the feel of handmade paper. To obtain a vintage sepia ink look for the text, the label was simply hot stamped with Kurz’s Colorit V 916.

AQUI -50g – Ruska Martin Associates

With Aqui -50g, Berlin-based agency Ruska Martin Associates is playing against the idea of perfection, arguing that perfection neither evolves nor adapts and is therefore the antithesis to sustainability. The designers opted for Estal’s Prima model in 100% PCR Wild Glass for its thinner and therefore more lightweight glass and its “handcrafted look”. -50g is debossed on the facing.

The labels, made of Fasson Cotton Extra White (Avery Dennison), are shaped thanks to a die-cut “puzzle technique”, which reduces the amount of material needed. Decoration-wise, the labels are embossed, digitally printed and hot stamped with Kurz foils. The bottles are topped with a cork stopper (Diam’s Origine model) and wax capsules.

Veguero – SeriesNemo

An homage to the vegeuro, or Cuban tabacco grower, SeriesNemo created El Veguero, a rum for which it chose Estal’s RUDE Lance bottle in Wild Glass (100% PCR flint) in part for its “cut-out mouth that captures the feeling of craftsmanship”. “El Veguero bottles his rum and embellishes it with whatever he can get his hands on: recycled bottles, corks and jute twine. He uses cigar wrappers and box trim labels to complete the image.”

Due to its facility in embossing and debossing, SeriesNemo chose Fasson Paper Watermark (Avery Dennison) for its labels. Kurz’s Luxor MTS combined with micro-embossing allowed for a gilded effect that resembles vintage flexography. The cork closure is the work of Parramon Exportap.

Fuoridime – Spazio Di Paolo

Italian wine and spirits design agency Spazio Di Paolo chose to work on the theme of “Italian genius”, and the concept of fuori di me, which translates as thinking outside the box. “The project’s main concept is to create a language that stimulates curiosity and interaction with the packaging.” Indeed, the facing is a collage of several layers of Fasson Soft Touch White FSC (Avery Dennison) that can be removed and repositioned by the consumer.

Estal’s RUDE 1919 model is topped with a stopper by Labrenta, while Kurz’s Luxor KPW XU 2020 foil brings touches of gold.

Animorphe – Studio Créa Design

Studio Créa Design’s wine collection for Make a Mark presents a cast of characters from the animal kingdom: goat, cat, fox, donkey… “The concept comprises a collection of six refinely dressed animals with six personalities to reflect the wines of a large family.”

Estal’s BD MBS model was selected for its “original and innovative shape”, while the labels, in Avery Dennison’s Fasson Cane Fiber Paper White wraps around the entire circumference of the bottle. Kurz Lumafin Green and Clear are hot stamped; the designer notes that the transparent pearl variant has created a “small revolution in the world of embellishment. Lumafin glistens with silky metallic transparency.”

Brink – Pocket Rocket Creative

Scottish drinks design agency Pocket Rocket Creative drew inspiration from the “the edge between land and sea”, or “The Brink” as well as the environmental urgency that should, in their mind, be inherent in packaging design.

A single malt scotch whisky, The Brink is housed in a custom bottle made of Estal’s Wild Glass (100% PCR). Conceived for reuse as a decanter, the bottle, viewed from above, is wave shaped and has a slightly rippled surface. Vinolok supplied the transparent closure, while for the label, Avery Dennison’s Fasson Cotton Black is printed with vegetable-based inks. Kurz’s Alufin Al Gio NB is hot stamped in addition to embossing and a tactile varnish.

G!in Watcher – Supperstudio

Spanish agency Supperstudio’s gin concept is based on drinking responsibly. The life preserver inside the graded bottle (Estal’s Philos model) descends as the bottle is emptied. “The stylized shape and height of the bottle provide an ideal platform for showcasing the measurement marks as well as the life preserver inside.”

The neck label is made of Fasson rEvora Blanc FSC (Avery Dennison), chosen for its texture that evokes that of nautical ropes. It is composed of 50% recycled fibers. The hot stamped label (Kurz’s Luxor and Colorit foils) features microtextures and multi-level embossing.

Elector - Mark Studio

“Hidden treasure, or liquid gold being rediscovered after having been lost for centuries” was the inspiration behind Elector by South African design agency Mark Studio.

Taking its cues from the Krugerrand coin, the label uses Avery Dennison’s Fasson Dull Foil Gold FSC and Fasson Cotton White 120g/m and combines digital printing, hot stamping with Kurz Luxor foils and flat bed embossing. The bottle is Estal’s TR Hotrod 70cl model, and the closure is also supplied by Estal.

* Luxe Packaging Insight sister publication Formes de Luxe is the official French press partner for Make a Mark

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